Stanton Township Planning Commission

Monthly Meeting


Date: June 14, 2011

Location: Stanton Town Hall, 31186 - 40th Ave Way, Cannon Falls, MN 55009

Attending: Mark Dubbels, Paul Schluter, Neal Sjoquist, Cheryle Peters, (Secretary), and John Krantz.


Mark Dubbels called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM

Pledge of Allegiance was recited

Approval of Agenda

Steve Emery was added to the agenda for a zoning certificate.

Mark Dubbels made motion to approve agenda. John Krantz seconded the motion. Motion passed 5/0.

Approval of Minutes from 5-10-11

Mark Dubbels made motion to approve minutes.

Paul Schluter seconded the motion. Motion passed 5/0.


Zoning Certificates

Leon Hanson- 100 McKinzie Circle, Cannon Falls, MN 55009-Requested information on land currently owned by Jim Simon, approximately 25 acres. Currently zoned by the county as A-3, with a 35acre minimum. Mr. Hanson proposed 2 homes on 18-19 acres. Stanton Township ordinance setbacks could be satisfied, however, density requirements could not. Mr. Hanson was advised that a public hearing, at minimum, would be required by both the county and Stanton Township on any variance or rezoning. Mr. Hanson was, also, advised that Mr. Simon would need to submit the application, as he is the current legal property owner. Straw poll of PC members indicated conflict and a desire for additional information.

Riverwood Community Church- Steve Prestegard, representing Riverwood Community Church, requested a Zoning Certificate for a church building in Stanton Township, along Hwy. 19. Permit processes and time-lines were discussed. Paul Schluter made a motion to grant a Zoning Certificate to Riverwood Community Church. John Krantz seconded the motion. The motion passed 5/0.

Steve Emery- requested a zoning certificate for a calf shed, 110x34. Mark requested that Mr. Emery return with site/construction plans for the building. Mark made a motion to recommend to the Town Board a zoning certificate provided that drawings would be submitted, indicating setbacks. Neal Sjoquist seconded the motion. The motion passed 5/0.


Old Business

1.      PC Chair signed corrected minutes.

2.      CUP clarification Duly noted. CUP stays with land; Paragraph F. in the Ordinance is retained.

3.      Map to be included in Ordinance- Discussion ensued regarding the need for an upgrade beyond color and the new labeling. Cheryle will look into resources and work with John and Paul to present something to the Town Board.

4.      Capx2020- Paul is unable to attend the Cannon Falls meeting at the High School, June 16, 2011. He will try to find someone to represent Stanton Township.

5.      Lake Byllesby Park- Meeting on June 28th.



Mark Dubbels made a motion to adjourn. Paul Schluter seconded the motion. The motion passed 5/0.




Meeting adjourned at 8:20 P.M.


Respectfully submitted,






Planning Commission Chair