Stanton Township

Regular Monthly Board Meeting


Date: June 17, 2008

Location: Stanton Town Hall, 31186-40th Avenue Way, Cannon Falls, MN  55009

Attending: Dave Garner; Chair, Vince Cockriel, Vice Chair; Bob Benson, Supervisor; Ken Ebert, Treasurer; Laura Pederson, clerk.


Dave Garner called meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Dave Garner called to reveal any conflict of interest.

None were heard


Agenda Approval

Additions to Agenda- Penfield District added to Old Business

Bob Benson made motion to accept the agenda with additions

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion

Motion Passed 3/0


Approval of Minutes: Regular Board Meeting May 20, 2008

Bob Benson made motion to approve the minutes as written

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion

Motion Passed 3/0



Conditional Use Permit

1.      1.  David Lorentz – 4900 Scout Ridge Way (Spring Garden Nursery) Section 14

Public Hearing Held for Modification of Conditional Use Permit 05-13-2008

                The Planning Commission made a motion to recommend to the township board

                an amendment be made to Mr. Lorentz’s conditional use permit for a non-retail

                embroidery business to be located in the empty office space for not more than

                3 FTE plus Anne Burbee, daytime hours only of 6 AM to 6 PM, and to have

                permit reviewed in one years time.


David Lorentz requested a change in his conditional use permit so that he can rent out

     an empty office building on his nursery property.

Business is for non-retail embroidery.

Neighbors came to Public Hearing on 05-13-2008 and voiced concerns.

Tabled from Board Meeting of May 20, 2008


Dave Lorentz and Anne Burbee present



Dave Garner visited site and saw no possibilities for expansion and no

   Sound or sight impacts on neighbors

Accept Planning Commission recommendation of 3 FTE’s plus owner

Hours of Operation 6 AM to 11 PM with NO holidays and No Sundays

Parking to be in front of building by the entrance


Conditions Placed on Permit:

-6 AM to 11 PM with no Sundays or Holidays

-remain a non-retail business in current offices

-3 FTE’s plus owner

-permit good for one year (valid until June 2009)

-must be renewed annually


Dave Garner made motion to place the above noted conditions on the conditional  use permit for David Lorentz.

Bob Benson seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0



1.  Gary Robinson – 2672-310th Street, Cannon Falls, MN  55009 (Section 21)

     Public Hearing Held for Variance on June 10, 2008


     ** FarmBoy Enterprise (Des Moines, Iowa) spokesman present as Gary Robinson



     Gary Robinson requested a variance to build a wind turbine in an A2 Agricultural zone versus

     an A1 Agricultural zone, which both exist on Mr. Robinsons property.


     Planning Commission recommend (5/0) for the Townboard to proceed with this



     Discussion ensued.


     Bob Benson made a motion to grant a variance to Gary Robinson for a personal use

       Wind generator to be built in an A2 zone versus an A1 zone.

     Dave Garner seconded the motion.

     Motion passed 3/0


Conditional Use Permit

1.  Gary Robinson – 2672-310th Street, Cannon Falls, MN  55009 (Section 21)

     Public Hearing Held for Conditional Use Permit on June 10, 2008


     Gary Robinson requested permission to install a 60 foot, personal use, wind generator

     on his property.



     The township has required a chain link fence around the base of the structure for previous

     towers in the township


      Recommend 6 foot chain link fence around the concrete base or footprint with locked access

      be added to the conditional use permit


     Dave Garner made motion to grant a conditional use permit for a 60 foot personal use

     wind generator to Gary Robinson with condition that a 6 foot, locked access, chain linked

     fence be constructed around the concrete base of the generator.

     Vince Cockriel seconded the motion.

     Motion passed 3/0


Building Permits

1.  Gary Robinson – 2672-310th Street, Cannon Falls, MN  55009 (Section 21)


     Gary Robinson requested permission to build a 20 kwh, 60 foot, mono-pole

     wind generation system on his property.  Generator to be built by FarmBoy Enterprises

     of Des Moines, Iowa.



     Blades are built of a composite material.

     No lights on tower.

     Steel construction.

     Hub unit steel.

     Fiberglass housing

     Noted to be an accepted use by the county.


    Cost $70,000 (permit fee $160.00)

    Dave Garner made motion to grant Gary Robinson a building permit for construction of a 60

    foot, 20 kwh, mono-pole personal use, wind generator on his property.

    Bob Benson seconded the motion.

    Motion passed 3/0


2.  Scott Gustafson – not present at this time



Treasurer’s Report

1.      Financials






Current Investments CD –Road & Bridge

$    71,890.14

Matures in July


$           25.18



$     16,584.98


Liquid Assets as of 11/20/07

$    110,085.81



Asked for clarification of receipts. 

Noted that monies are deposited after an event, such as a public hearing, has occurred.


Bob Benson made a motion to accept treasurer’s report as written and submitted.

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3/0


2.  PERA Meeting

     Treasurer attended the PERA instructional meeting in Rochester, June 16, 2008

     PERA reporting and maintenance of database to be completed electronically

       each month, but checks to be sent manually instead of EFT per treasurer’s wishes

     Addition of eligible township employees can now be activated immediately online if done on

     a township machine with an email address.  If using a personal computer or work computer

     then paper version must be continued.


     Dave Garner made a motion to authorize Ken Ebert to register Stanton Township for online

       PERA recording.

     Vince Cockriel seconded the motion.

     Motion passed 3/0


Clerks Report

1.  McKinley – Culvert on 42nd

     -written approval needed in addition to already received verbal approval

     -banks to be filled in on both sides with slope modification

     -culvert to extend 6 feet or less onto the McKinley property

     -if work not done, road will need to be closed due to deterioration


2.      Open House

-Betts in charge of Open House

-Sue Sullivan from Beacon to contact Betts on something for the paper announcing

   the Open House with a photo possible

-Open House Saturday, June 21 from 1-3 PM

-Posters to be taken down from walls and white board erased


3.      ID Cards

MAT sent ID cards to be used when asked for identification or proof of

 government status to obtain pricing

Cards distributed to board members

Cards expire June 1, 2009


4.      Supplemental Penfield Letter From GHC

-letter showing changes from original plan to current paving area on north side

    of church

-location on letter states White Rock which needs to be changed to Stanton Township


Dave Garner made motion to accept the revised bid with location crossed out and changed.

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3/0


5.      O’Gorman Driveway

-Mary given Mathey and Mark Henry’s phone numbers upon request as she had questions

 on a new concrete driveway she plans on putting in and wants to be sure it will “mesh” with

 the new road surface.


6.      Culvert Work – Mark Henry

-Mark planning to start work the end of this week or beginning of next week in Penfield and

  on 42nd Avenue




7.      Town Hall Parking Lot

-Does township need to remove the material ahead of time?

-Clerk instructed to contact GHC to find out if this is necessary


Road Report

1.  Grading

     -Dan Benham had come out 2 times to do grading when Tom has been unable to do it

     -Dan works for Otte Bros and does grading for Sciota and 2 other townships

     -Dan suing Stanton’s grader


     -air brakes not working properly

     -idiot horn/alarm sounds when pressure decreases

     -Board consents to calling Ziegler to get it fixed


2.  Gravel

     -14,000 tons put down June 16, 2008

     -over 1,000 ton put down June 17, 2008


     -3 individuals requested end dumps (billed individually- Benson, Garner, Cockriel)


     -3 end dumps needed on 59th at the east side of church property to be used as a

      turn around and also for terracing on 59th in Penfield.


     -Black dirt to be used for terracing on 303rd and 304th Streets


3.  Culverts

     Oxford Mill: 

     -John Krantz checked out the culvert that had broken blocks, concrete, and bricks. 

     -Intentionally put down by one of neighbors. 

     -Steve Jacobson’s property.  

     -John to contact Steve and tell him to get it out of there.

     Brush on Oxford Mill:

     -needs to be trimmed about 312th St


4. Chloride

    -Many complaints on dust

    -rock/gravel must be put down before chloride can be put down


    -Emery’s requested no chloride to be put down in front of their property

       due to his equipment

     -Map marked for road crew where no chloride is to be put down


     -McKinleys – desire 1 or 2 driveways to have chloride (to be billed)

     -Boy Scout Driveway – desire chloride (to be billed)


Request made to move “New Business” before “Meetings Attended” on agenda

Request granted by Chair.


New Business

1.  Brody Skahen

     -Planning Commission made request for the Town Board to look further into Brody’s

       property, specifically the barrels.


     -over 100 barrels on Brody’s property and they do have product in them

     -MPCA requires permits on every barrel

     -Concern over environmental issues

     -no containment


     Clerk unanimously authorized to call Goodhue County Health Department with

     Brody Skahen’s name and address.  Inform of barrels with unknown substances in them and

     lack of containment.  Also note proximity to creek.  Request inspection of property.


Return to Building Permits

2.  Scott Gustafson -   2500-330th Street, Cannon Falls, Section 28

     Mr.Gustafson requested permission to build a bin for grain storage. 

     All set-backs met. 

     Estimated cost $30,000


      Planning Commission recommended to the Town Board to grant a building permit to

      to Mr. Curt Gustafson to build a grain storage bin on his property for $30,000.


     Bob Benson made motion to grant a building permit to Scott Gustafson to build a grain bin on

        his property.

     Dave Garner seconded the motion.

     Motion passed 3/0


     Permit given.  Fee paid of $120.00


Meetings Attended

Vince Cockriel – EDA, TB, Cannon Falls Planning Mtg, Land Use Mtg, Spec Mtg – Kusilek,

     June 9th, and June 17th.

Bob Benson – Spec Mtg – Kusilek

Dave Garner – Spec Mtg – Kusilek

Ken Ebert – PERA Instructional Mtg

Paul Schluter- 1.  2010X : Transmission Lines to Cross River

                                West of Hwy 52 or west of Hwy 56

                                 Hearing at Cannon Falls High School Next Week

                        2. County Board Meeting

                           Bill Nelson’s back property sold at sheriff’s auction

                              Hearing that Nelson wanted to postpone without an attorney

                              Noted lack of permits and barn falling down

                              Purchased by <<Goodhue Properties, LC in Mpls>>

                        3. 24/52 Overpass

                          Representative to Washington, D.C. for Goodhue, Dakota, & Olmsted

                        4.  Lake Byllesby Damn: Dakota and Goodhue Counties   

                             Damn owners have not made payments for 3 years

                             Warning sirens to be put in.  One in already.

Highway 52 Commission in need to township representative

     Dave Garner to address Planning Commission for representative as no board member

     available to attend.


Old Business

1.  Bill Nelson

     -letter read that Mr. Nelson had placed in the door on June 10, 2008


     -Planning Commission made recommendation to the Board that the Board instruct the clerk

      to  respond to Mr. Nelson that he not go forward with anything until he appears before the

     Planning Commission and the Town Board.  The money orders are strictly Mr. Nelson’s

     responsibility and on one else’s


    Board advised clerk to send letter and to telephone Mr. Nelson telling him that he does

    not have approved zoning permits to put in or move his buildings.  He also failed to

    comply with the stipulations as set up by the board for an architects approval.  Mr. Nelson

    must come before the Stanton Township Board before permits will be issued.


2.  Mountain Environmental

     Clerk advised last meeting to send letter to Mountain Environmental stating:

 Stanton Township does not allow this type of disposal in our township

     Clerk also advised not to send same letter

     Discussion as to definition of “sludge”


    Bob Benson made motion to send letter to Mountain Environmental

       Stating Stanton does not allow this in township

    Vince Cockriel seconded the motion

     Motion Passed 2/1 (Dave Garner opposed)


3. Maltby Nature Preserve

    -letter received from GHC regarding pre-emptive striking

    -no permits for “upcoming” charter school either from county or township


4.  Penfield

     -Martha from Kennedy-Graven assisting in financing of Penfield Paving

     -Treasurer to get certificate of indebtedness agreement from local bank

     -federal paperwork to be completed

     -Kennedy-Graven to charge $3,000 to do ALL the paperwork

     -Final numbers needed, then to be broken down on spreadsheet

     -Penfield property owners may either pay all of it or it can be broken down

         into payments for 5 years


     -Township actually getting the loan

     -Recommend any overages go back to those that pay






-Need to come  up with dollar amount-

   estimate    $85,000

                        3,000 Kennedy & Graven

                   $      500 Federal Form Required


                   $  3,000  Cost of Landscaping

                   $91,500  + 10% variance 


TOTAL       $95,000 - $100,000

$100,000 General Obligation Bond with a Certificate of Indebtedness


Dave Garner made motion to instruct the treasurer to check out local banks for a certificate of indebtedness for a 5 year term

Bob Benson seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Payments:  5 years – twice per year

                   2009 after taxes

                  Payments due July 1st and December 1st


5.  Boy Scout Reservation

     Scout camp usually asked for a donation after chloride put on road.

     Bob Benson made motion for clerk to send letter to Northern Star Council to ask for a

         donation for 310th Street.

     Dave Garner seconded the motion

     Motion passed 3/0


Upcoming Meetings

Future Land Use Meeting- cancelled for June

Short Course – July 17 in Rochester – Bob & Laura attending

Election Training Meeting – July 16 and July 22 – Laura attending both



Dave Garner made motion to open mail

Bob Benson seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


1-     Census Letter

2-     Thank You Note from Humane Society

3-     Cannon Falls Police Calls



Dave Garner made motion to pay claims

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Bob Benson made  motion to adjourn the meeting.

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion.

Motion Carried 3/0

Meeting adjourned at  9:20 PM



Respectfully submitted,




Laura Pederson

Stanton Township Clerk