August 19, 2008

Stanton Town Hall

31186 40th Avenue Way, Cannon Falls, MN 55009


Attending:  Board Chair Dave Garner, Vice Chair Vince Cockriel, Bob Benson, Clerk Laura Pederson,

     and Treasurer Ken Ebert.


Meeting was called to order at 7:02 P.M.


Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Dave Garner called to reveal any conflicts of interest.

None were heard.


Approval of Agenda:

Laura Pederson requested that Bill Nelson be added to Old Business as he would be attending the meeting this evening.


Dave Garner made motion to approve the agenda.

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion.

Motion carried 3/0


Approval of 07-15-2008 Minutes:

No additions or corrections were noted.

Bob Benson made motion to approve minutes as written.

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3/0


Building Permits:

  1.  Jeff Lee 305 Fredrick Circle, Hastings MN.(5 acres in section 17 and section 8.)

-     310th Street Way

        requested permit to begin building on section of his grandmother’s land, 5 acres, that she was selling to him.

        5 acres was already surveyed, zoned residential

        Survey and building plans presented to board

        Northeast corner of property, easement for driveway

        Planning Commission had no issues

        Sale of land in process, still in grandmothers name at current time

        Builder Dean Taylor, estimated cost $250,000

        Building to start in September

        Survey, final plans, and permit to county

Bob Benson made motion to grant permit to Jeff Lee

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3/0


$340.00 collected and permit given.



Treasurers Report

Ken Ebert reported:


  1. Road And Bridge CD sold and now split into 2 CD’s so that monies could be available

   if needed for grader repair.

$25,000 in a 3 month CD and remainder into a 6 month CD.





Current Investments CD –Road & Bridge

$     49,426.58 




$     75,020.72

First check from county


$     43,908.32


Liquid Assets as of 7/15/08

$   140,395.16



  1. About $6,000.00 to be moved to newly opened Penfield account for rock and other specific

         expenses.  Loan/bond of $100,000 has been put into this account.  One Penfield has already

         paid in full, that money to be put into this account also and used to pay when payments due.


  1. Money that had been kept in savings at 1.3% interest has been moved to a short term CD

         Which earns 3% interest. (Note next months report)


Clerks Report

  1. Election Update – Laura Pederson reported that she has attended 3 trainings so far (2 for Goodhue County and 1 during the MAT short course)
  2. Judges Training – training for the Stanton judges will be held on Tuesday, August 26 at the town hall at 7 pm.  Letters have been sent to all the judges.
  3. Public Accuracy Testing will be held county wide on September 4th.  Laura Pederson will be scheduling the townships on the same day.  It will be posted in the paper.
  4. Preventative Maintenance- will be scheduled to be done on our machines in the next week or so.


Road Report

Tom Kurtz came forward.

Tom Kurtz presented a repair estimate for the grader from Zieglers.

Total estimate for $23,372.87.


Repairs needed include: brakes, lights, fluids, blocked radiator, brackets, belts, transmission repairs, and leaks.  Cost of $500 to transport this vehicle to/from Ziegler.



Vince Cockriel recommends fixing all the items due to safety and liability to our drivers and others.

Most of these are DOT items and this is normal maintenance that needs to be done.


Dave Garner recommends completing all repairs as opposed to picking which have priority.


Bob Benson made motion to approve spending $23,372.87 per estimate from Zieglers needed for all stated repairs.

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion.



Motion modified by Bob Benson to approve up $25,000 for repairs to road grader at Zieglers per estimate.

Vince Cockriel seconded to motion.

Motion passed 3/0


Dave Garner stated that new rock on road holding up and that less should be needed next year.


Dave Garner stated that John Krantz will need to mow the ditches in late September or early October before the first snowfall so that tall grasses do not act a snow fences.


Vince Cockriel stated that he will have information soon on the heavy equipment training that John Krantz needs. This will be at the training center in Hinckley.


Vince Cockriel brought to the board’s attention the concern of Carl Slifsca (55th Avenue Way).

There is 20-30 feet between his blacktop and township road that he feels needs to be graded.

Question is who does this belong to?  Is it the townships or someone else’s.

If it is the townships then it will be graded. 

Bob Benson felt that this might be part of the turn around that was put in.

Clerk asked to investigate who this area of road actually belongs to.


Tom Kurtz asked board about residents asking him not to maintain certain areas of road.

Board stated that residents cannot tell drivers/operators not to do certain areas of road as the road belongs to the township and maintenance is the townships responsibility and if not done then liability issues could result.


Follow Up:  Ken Ebert stated that the bushed in the ditch by 312th and Oxford Mill Road had been cut back to increase visibility.


Meetings Attended

  1. Dave Garner – MAT Short Course (Morton), Onsite Penfield inspection with contractor, and Mark Henry for Penfield landscape.
  2. Vince Cockriel – Future Land Use (July 31) and EDA (August 18)

         Next Future Land Use at Stanton on Monday, August 28th at 7 pm


       Land Use- no plans for development east of the Little Cannon River

                      -almost ready for public input, possible large meeting at

                         Grandpa’s with smaller breakout sessions

       EDA – Midwest Importers site lease is up next year. 2 parties interested in  property

  1. Bob Benson – MAT Short Course (Rochester) with Board of Appeals , Penfield Black Top

      Inspection, and multiple Penfield meetings with county for 6 additional loads of gravel

  1. Ken Ebert – Bond closing on August 2 at bank with chair and clerk
  2. Laura Pederson – MAT Short Course (Rochester) with election training, 2 additional 3 hour election trainings in Red Wing, Mark Henry at Penfield for landscape, and bond closing at bank


Old Business

  1. Bill  Nelson – came before board

-Bill stated that his architect, Don Starr, was recently deceased and his computer records are

   with the architects wife.  He is having trouble locating the records at this time.

-Records have the studies that were completed on his buildings

-Bill Nelson stated that he will bring in the reports as soon as he gets them

-Vince Cockriel restated that the board just wants a report that states the buildings are

     structurally habitable.

  1. Levy 2008

-Levy must be submitted before the next board meeting

-This was approved at the Annual Meeting

-A letter to be sent the Treasurer’s Office at GHC to be filled out and returned

    by the clerk

-Have not received the letter as of yet, clerk to call and get information on when

   the letter to be mailed to Stanton

3.      Penfield

-paving completed

-inspection done

-John Krantz down at Penfield with Stanton’s tractor putting gravel in by driveways

-Mark Henry Excavating coming after labor Day to do landscaping as newly paved road needed

    time to cure/harden

-Black dirt to be put on edges of 303 & 304, plus gravel to put on 59th.

Residents to do own grass seeding


New Business

1.      Andy Sandstrom

-Andy Sandstrom requested information on road paving bond distribution

-Sandstrom percentage at 20

-increase in final costs due to the following:

1)     increased road thickness on 59th

2)     increased width on 59th

3)     increased cubic yards with road widening due to rounding of corners

4)     bond  at 105% per law

            -if paid before September 1, 2008, no interest added (interest rate at 3.2%)

            -Andy also reassured that stop sign and street sign will be fixed as part of the landscaping

                done by Mark Henry

  1. Ryan Rounds


Dave Garner stated that a letter was received from Ryan Rounds disputing the assessment.


Dave Garner noted that Ryan’s assessment should be the same as Andy Sandstroms.

Ryan Rounds will need a corrected letter sent with the corrected amount at 20%.

*original amount was a clerical error when letters were sent


Vince Cockriel recommended that all amounts sent with the letters be rechecked.


Letter from Ryan Round’s lawyer shared with the board.


Dave Garner stated that Ryan is disputing the amount, how we did it, and his lawyer is quoting statutes.


Dave Garner stated that Troy Gilchrist, the Stanton township lawyer, advised and we followed the statutes per his instructions, holding meetings, getting resolutions.  Last Dave Garner spoke with Troy, he felt very confident that we can defend ourselves.


Dave Garner stated that everything Ryan has requested has now been sent to his lawyer.  We have also been in touch with Troy.  If we have to go to court, Township Association will defend us.


Vince Cockriel stated that this is blatant misrepresentation with the statement in the letter, “(Ryan) was told that he would not be assessed for the project…”


Dave Garner stated that the township has proof that Ryan was notified of all meetings, citizens/neighbors that talked with him, and we have everything on the recorder.  The township has all copies of the documentation.


Public record of all items except correspondence between Stanton township lawyers and the township.


Vince Cockriel recommended a letter be sent immediately with the corrected amount due to Ryan Rounds.


Laura Pederson stated that Deputy Clerk, Betts Top, had been helping pull all this information together due to Laura’s schedule and that most of these events occurred prior to Laura’s tenure.


  1. Elizabeth (Betts) Top

-Betts Top attended a PERA retirement meeting and found that she must sever all ties

  with the township for 30-31 days so that she can apply for social security next month.

-Betts officially resigned as deputy clerk effective August 22, 2008

-Betts will need documentation from Ken Ebert


Vince Cockriel made motion to accept Betts Top resignation.

Bob Benson seconded this motion.

Motion passed 3/0


  1. New (Used) File Cabinets


Upcoming Meetings

Future Land Use – 8/28 at 7 pm

Judge Training – 8/26 at 7 pm

Planning Commission Meeting Changed to 9/8 due to Tuesday primary election

52/42 meeting – 8/27 – 9 am to noon


Mail Distributed


Dave Garner made motion to pay claims

Bob Benson seconded the motion

Motion carried 3/0


Claims Paid


Bob Benson made motion to adjourn meeting

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion

Motion carried 3/0


Meeting Adjourned at 9:10 pm

Respectfully submitted,

(Clerk’s name)





Stanton Township Clerk