Phillippo Scout Reservation

30654 32nd Avenue Way, Cannon Falls, MN 55009


Board Chair, Bob Benson, called the meeting to order.Others present included Supervisor Joyce Moorhouse, Supervisor Dave Garner, Clerk Betts Top and Treasurer Kenneth Ebert.


Meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M.


Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Bob called to reveal any conflict of interest.


None was heard.


Minutes of the October 17, 2006 meeting were reviewed.

Dave Garner made a motion to accept the minutes

Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Minutes of On-Site Inspections were reviewed from October 24, 2006 and November 2, 2006


Joyce Moorhouse made a motion to approve the minutes

Bob Benson seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Treasurerís Report

Ken reported:

Investments at the end of October:

1 CD at $67,474.47 under Road and Bridge Fund

Receipts: this includes the sale of other investments $ 124,785.42

Disbursements: which includes the $12,000.00 from General fund to Building Fund is $50,655.41

Ending Balance: $246,167.82


Joyce Moorhouse made a motion to approve the Treasurerís Report

Dave Garner seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Building Permits:


1.                  Jo Lind of 32772 County 24 Blvd, Cannon Falls, section 25, was requesting a building permit for a house on 2 Ĺ acres.She currently lives on 5 acres and wants to build a house on the other half of her property.Requesting variance-Public Hearing.

Ms. Lind came forward.She explained that she wanted to build a home on part of her property for her granddaughter and husband so that they could be close to her and help take care of her and her husband.She wanted a variance for 2.5 acres.


Bob advised her that it would require a public hearing.


Dave also advised her that it would cost her $150.00 and there was no guarantee that she would be granted the variance but had to have the Public Hearing first.

Ms. Lind was advised the meeting would be at the Scout Camp on December 12th at 7:30 PM.


Dave Garner made a motion to grant Josephine Lind a Public Hearing for a 2.5 acre variance.

Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


  1. John Pernic Ė permit questions for awood shed


Mr. Pernic came forward.He asked if anyone had been out to see his structure.


Bob replied that the Planning Commission had and it was too close to the road.


Dave said that all structures have to meet setbacks, and if they donít the must have a variance.


Mr. Pernic stated he had put up 6 poles and a roof over his wood.


Bob told Mr. Pernic then thatís a permanent structure and he needs to get a variance if he wants to keep it there.


Mr. Pernic said he wanted to go for a variance then.


Bob replied that would require a public hearing next month at the Planning Commission meeting December 12, at 8:00 PM.


Dave added it would cost $150.00


Joyce asked how far it was from the property line.


Mr. Pernic said it was 43 feet from the center line of the road.


Dave mentioned there were liability issues also with the county.


Mr. Pernic asked where the right of way was.


The supervisors told him it began 33 feet from the center of the road.


Joyce Moorhouse made a motion to allow a public hearing for a wood shelter for a variance of 50 feet to Mr. Pernic December 12th at 8:00 PM.

Dave Garner seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3/0


Mr. Pernic gave a check for $150.00 to the treasurer.

Ms. Lind returned to give a check for $150.00 to the treasurer.



Clerks Report


Betts requested approval to have funds to publish Township Election information for Township Officers.It had to be published for two weeks in the Beacon newspaper.


Joyce Moorhouse made a motion to allow the clerk to have funds to publish Township Officer Election announcement in the Beacon.

Dave Garner seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Betts said she needed to notify the County for a change of polling place.That needed to be done 90 days before the March Election, or December 13th.It could be done by her or by the county, the difference was about $20.00.


Bob and Dave said it was OK to have the county do it.


Betts explained the policy from MAT insurance to protect the new town hall as it was being built, the cost was $585.00. She wanted that to be on record.


Betts next reported on the setbacks of the Ideís garage.She had contacted the county and they had told her they required a 60 foot setback which the Ideís had met.


Next she reported the arrival of the yearly Township MAT insurance policy.


It was decided to add the AutoMark voting machine to the policy.


Joyce Moorhouse made a motion to approve the MAT 2007 Insurance policy with the addition of the AutoMark election machine.

Dave Garner seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3/0


Lastly Betts reported corresponding with Ms. Banitt regarding the horses on her property. Ms. Banitt had come to the Planning Commission meeting and she said she would move her horses.


Road Report


Dan came forward.He explained he had been working on the brush removal and grading.

Bob suggested getting the brush burned before snow came.


Dan said he needed to order some winter fuel.The 30 gallon barrel of kerosene needs to be filled.He also needed a new spade.


Joyce said to get a new spade if he needed it.


Dan left the meeting at this time

Town Hall Update

Dave talked about the use and importance of having wireless microphones and amplification in the new town hall.It would help with maintaining civility during meetings and also as an aid for older members helping them to hear better.Wireless would enable a mike to be passed around during meetings where the public would be speaking.The cost would be $25.00 and everything else such as installation, labor would be donated.


Joyce Moorhouse made a motion to accept the wireless microphone system

Bob Benson seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Projector System.

Dave pointed out the benefits of having a projector;being able to display county maps on the new town hall wall, doing presentations, having pictures displayed on the wall for everyone to see is better so we would all have the same visual and it would be used for displaying pages of the ordinance.Costs run up to $2,000.00.Dave said he had access to a used projector for $375.00 and it had TV and computer hookup, along with a new bulb that came with it. Dave had tried it out and it was in good condition.


Joyce felt the $375.00 was not a bad price, and it would suffice for 3-5 years for us.

Bob felt it was good to be able to display things on the wall for everyone to see.


Dave continued that it could be wired.But if we used a wireless setup then we would have more portability, not needing wires to run it.It would be about $100.00 to make it wireless.


Mark Dubbles also mentioned that not having wires makes it better for safety reasons.


Joyce Moorhouse made a motion to spend $475.00 for a projector and have it wireless and have it installed.

Bob Benson seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3/0


Dave said Ecolab was upgrading equipment and he was able to get some donated computer equipment for the township.The equipment was faster than the current clerkís computer.Also, a surplus laptop computer which could be used for presentations might also be available.


Betts reported a difference in the bill from Carlson Well Drilling.She explained that she had contacted them and a lack of Change-Order probably would require that the original bid would be what the township would pay.The difference was an extra $495.00.


The board members discussed the extra charge and original bid.


Dave Garner made a motion to deny the adjustment expense from the original bid of Carlson Well Drilling.

Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Town Hall Purchases


Dave made a motion that the Clerk purchase cleaning supplies for the new town hall.

Bob Benson seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Old Business


†††††† Comprehensive Plan


Dave Garner made a motion to adopt the 2006 Comprehensive Plan as written.

Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3/0


Dave requested the clerk to send him an electronic copy to be able to post it on our website.


Betts asked what was needed to be done when we officially move into the new town hall.


Dave felt the first meeting should be posted and published notice 10 days before hand in the Beacon newspaper.He felt the Board meeting on the 21st of December would be the first meeting that would be held in the new town hall. He also would like to bring something from the old town hall and thought the Stanton Town Hall sign would be good.

Bob and Joyce agreed.


2007 Sealcoating & Bituminous Work Ė County


Betts stated that she had received 20 x 60 feet area for the new town hall from Dave that could be blacktopped..Also that 323rd Street could use a section of 22 x 300 feet of blacktop and connect 59th to 24 Blvd.


Dave felt a 20 foot strip in front of the new town hall would be what was needed for 4 handicapped parking spaces.The blacktop would be on the south side and butt up against the landscaping in front of the building.


Bob asked if there was any other old business.

None was heard.


New Business


††††††††††† Meetings Attended:

Dave reported he attended a county meeting in Zumbrota for Road and Bridge.

For the one bridge we have to replace we would be liable for $20,000.00, $10,000.00 for engineering and the first $10,000.00 of our construction cost.This would be for the bridge on 330th street in section 32, bridge # 2104.Dave said it would probably get done in 2009 if the bonding goes correctly, or 2013 if the bonding doesnít go correctly.The total cost would probably be $200,000.00, and Stanton would be responsible for 10%.Dave felt it was important to plan ahead for this expenditure.If we couldnít pay our share the county might skip over us and go on to another bridge.


Dave also attended the MAT convention in Duluth.He was at the Conflict of Interest meeting and one on Contracting.Many legal issues were addressed, such as Annexation and he received some good worksheets.


Joyce stated she also went to the County Road and Bridge meeting.She also heard that instead of the bituminous blacktop some areas were receiving a double overlay or sealcoat.She felt it would be good to keep an eye on this incase our township would be able to use it.


Dave mentioned the double sealcoating did not hold up well to heavy truck traffic.


Joyce continued with attending the Hwy 52 meetings.She said that the State wants the interchanges to be at least 2 miles away from each other.Highway 19 is already a half cloverleaf,so the final two spots have been narrowed down to 2 sites.One is at 24 and 52, the second one is south of that close to 327th Street.Cost factors will now be looked at; culverts needed, how many extra roads would have to be built, and how many businesses would be affected by the two locations. The time table will be January or February 2007 for a final decision.


Bob stated he attended the County Planning Commission meeting for Monsantoís Conditional Use, and they did get it.He also attended the MAT convention and it was very interesting.A lot of information on Identity Theft, especially with computers and the internet.The annexation meeting was very interesting too.


Betts reported she had attended the MAT meeting.She learned from the Identity Theft speaker. The Home Land Security speaker was interesting as he spoke about how technology is helping so much to keep our country safer.She also spent a whole meeting with Irene Bright who taught what needs to be done at the end of the year for clerks and treasurers and she learned many things.Also her upcoming duties for March elections were explained to her.Lastly she won $25.00 and wanted to use it to donate to something for the new Town Hall.


Ken reported attending the MAT convention.He stated it was more down to earth this year. He listened to a speaker who was a Methamphetamine addict and his story was very moving.


Joyce asked Betts how the elections went.


Betts reported because of her good judges everything went fine.




Bob stated that for the record he wanted to straighten out some rumors.The board has never met with Cannon Falls about annexation and they are not about to sign any piece of paper about it either.We might sit down and talk to them in the future.The new law in annexation states they can take 120 acres at a time from 1 owner.


Dave added that was if the owner asks for it, and it has to be adjacent to the city.

Any petition has to come from an owner.The township cannot object to that.There is a process that must be gone through, such as hearings but by statute the township cannot object to 120 acres per owner per year which was annexation by Ordinance.Orderly Annexation, which is what Cannon Fallsí letter proposed, has no limit and abutment is not required but the township has to agree to it.There has been a lot of talk about where the hospital may end up and a lot of talk has been that it will be on Highway 19.No decision will be made until spring, but by law the hospital would have to be built in Cannon Falls.He continued saying he thought we should talk to Cannon Falls, but before anything happened we would have a public hearing so residents would know what was going on.†††


Joyce would like it to be recorded that Cannon Falls did invite us to a meeting that was supposed to be on October 19th but they actually held the meeting on October 12th .Cannon Falls township came to that meeting and we were not there.The meeting was then rescheduled for November 9th and then they cancelled that meeting.


Joe Vandenheuvel

Joe Vandenheuvel came forward.

Joe stated he wanted to address a few things.If there are trees in the right of way and they are causing a problem whose responsibility is it to remove them.


Bob asked what road it was on.


Joe stated it was in Woodland Heights.Would it be possible for the landowner to request the township to take the trees out?


Bob replied yes.But we have to have permission from the landowner.


Joe wanted to know if there was going to be a flag pole at the new town hall.


Dave said yes, there would probably be one in the spring.


Joe wanted clarification on variances, that if someone came in and their request was way out of line, didnít the planning commission have the right to deny them one.


Bob said everyone had a right to have a public hearing.


Joe said he also wanted to say he was sent tonight on the direction from the Planning Commission to recommend that the Town Board does not sign any letters what-so-ever with the city of Cannon Falls on Annexation.Into that he wanted to also incorporate the following: from conversation with Glenn Weibel, could we write a letter to the city of Cannon Falls, starting at square one, addressed to the newly elected staff and start communications with them.


Joe continued with another request that there would be an informational meeting, by either the Town Board or the Planning Commission, to bring the people of Stanton Township up to speed on what is happening with annexation, land use, and the amended ordinance.


Joyce suggested that these questions be turned over to the clerk and the clerk could notify people when these topics were going to be discussed at regular board meetings.She believed that State Statutes require when annexation is in view that we have to have a public meeting at that time, to find out what our township wishes are.The board also has copies of an annexation sheet telling about all the different kinds of annexation and process that must be followed.If any of the townspeople want a copy the clerk will provide them one.


Joe also wanted to answer any questions about a letter he sent.He was there to answer any questions or accusations.


Dave said he had a copy of an email that Joe supposedly sent to Daisy Blue Natural


Joe replied he had sent 3 emails and 1 letter and did Dave want copies of all of them


Dave replied yes


Joe replied the allegations on the letter about him were not true.


Dave asked if he signed the letter Stanton Planning Commission Chair?


Joe replied yes he did.


Dave objected to Joe representing the township when he signed the letter that way using his title.Dave said when you signed Stanton Planning Commission Chair people interpret that as you signing for the township.That is where he had a big issue.As a private citizen he could do anything he wanted, but he did have an issue with Joe using his title.


Joyce disagreed, stating that Joe was head of the Planning Commission and his job was to seek and search information thatís not always available to the board.Joe feels this is his duty to uphold the Ordinance and the land use plan and she didnít see anything wrong with this because itís just stating facts as head of the Planning Commission.


Joe stated that his letters were factual and he had signed the one letter to ensure credibility with his title.When he took his Planning Commission job he was told that part of his responsibilities were to help enforce the land use and zoning ordinance of Stanton Township.He did not talk maliciously about any project, he just stated that what was being proposed was in direct violation of Stantonís land use and zoning ordinances.That was all he did.He stated if he had over stepped his bounds he apologizes for that.In another letter he requested information about land grants to a Mr. Tom Lambrecht of Goodhue County Coop.


Joyce stated that Heather Sharp had previously done a presentation at a meeting.Since then she had called Joyce and told her she was applying for a grant.

Joyce asked Heather Sharp, in the audience, if that was correct.


Heather Sharp replied that the City of Cannon Falls would be the beneficiary of the grant funds, so the city of Cannon Falls is the applicant.Heather continued saying she was applying for many different grants.


Joyce said that when the city of Cannon Falls applies for a grant that isnít in their jurisdiction that then it becomes a matter that the township of Stanton should become concerned about. Because you did not come and ask us to be a part of this grant, youíve asked the city of Cannon Falls to help you.Is that correct?


Joyce continued saying since then Annexation has now come up, which is what you are really going to go forÖis that correct?


Heather replied that she felt the project only fits in as being annexed into Cannon Falls.


Joyce asked Heather why she hadnít come before the planning commission, show them what her proposal was and ask them for their approval.


Kendra Lindahl spoke from the audience, stating they did not have anything they are asking approval for.She said she was representing The Falls Healthy Living LLC.


Joyce asked Heather to explain the grant money and the public infrastructure.


Heather said the grant you are referring to is from the Department of Economic Development to support Bio Science and Health Care.The city has the jurisdiction to use those funds however they see fit; to benefit the hospital, benefit businesses that would be in the industrial park, to benefit businesses that might be located in a development such as The Falls.


Joyce asked Heather if she could give us a copy of the grant so we could have our attorneys look at that.


Heather replied the city of Cannon Falls is the applicant of the grant, and she or Joyce could ask them for a copy of it.


Joyce asked Heather if she was aware that her land was in a rural residential area and businesses were not allowed in that area.


Heather replied that this type of business is not addressed by the Land Use plan of Stanton Township. Clearly something like this belongs in the city attached to sewer and water. There is no application to Stanton Township because it does not fall within the ordinance.


Joe said he would like to address the letter to him,He would like to read a grant application of The Falls Healthy Living LLC.He stated he had no ax to grind with Heather Sharp or the project.He became concerned when he saw that what was being proposed did not fall within the guidelines of our ordinance.He had no malicious intent.What drew his attention was questions on the grant application.Question 4 asked if the project was in an industrial park development.The answer on the questionnaire is yes, a Planned Unit Development.If there is a Planned Unit development in Stanton Township it should have come before the Planning Commission and the Stanton Township Board.Joe continued saying that was when he became concerned and wrote the letters. He said the letters he sent asked if they were aware that what was being proposed was in violation of Stanton Township current Land Use and Zoning Ordinance.That was all he called attention to, nothing else.He had no malicious intent what so ever.He said he has at no time ever maligned Heatherís project.He has made no false accusations either.Joe said he did have the authority to notify people of land use and zoning violations and requests there of.


Dave said it was his opinion, but how wouldJoe know itís been a violation of the ordinance when nothing had been proposed.We have 3 letters here where you represented yourself as Stanton Township Planning Commission, which in my opinion you had no authority to do.Nothing has been proposed to us yet.


Bob said his opinion was that he would like to commend Joe for writing this.He said Joe was right contacting these people in the purpose of concern about The Falls proposal.He was right to send out the letters to find out what was going on.It was his right to ask.


Joe said he would apologize to Heather Sharp if she took it the wrong way, but he just stated the facts and was trying to do his appointed job.


Joyce added she had no problem with what Joe had done, and Joyce was submitting Heatherís letter for the record.

Joe left the meeting and Joyce said thank you.


Heather Sharp Ė Letter

Heather Sharp came forward along with Kendra Lindahl.


Kendra said she had issue with Joe representing the township in his letter.At this time they were looking at a project which does not comply with the township ordinances and so they were looking at other options such as annexation.There was no zoning violation because there was no request. They feel that should be corrected.


Bob asked about the question on the grant about the project being in an industrial park.


Heather stated by looking at the question as how would it be zoned when it was inside the city limits of Cannon Falls, then it would be as a PUD.


Kendra stated that the grant application is subject to certain things happening.If this project didnít go forward and the city got the grant they could use it for other projects.


Joyce asked if it says that in the grantÖthat it can be used for other projects?

If so she would like a copy of where it says that.


Kendra stated the City of Cannon Falls submitted this grant application so the city of Cannon Falls is the applicant and thatís public information. She also wanted to submit a list of questions to the clerk regarding some of the annexation discussion earlier in the meeting. They would like an apology letter be sent saying the letter was sent by Joe personally and not as the Planning Commission Chair.


Betts stated, from the list handed to her, that there were no responses to the city (Annexation Evaluation Criteria sheets ) that her supervisors did not return that questionnaire, so she did not know why Kendra and Heather were asking for them.


Heather asked Betts if on November 7 she dropped off questions to City Hall signed Stanton Township Supervisors.


Joyce commented that the formal questions she was asked to respond to she had refused to answer because she did not have enough information to answer them.She did have about 18 questions she wanted to ask the city pertaining to their interest in annexation.That is what the clerk dropped off at City Hall.


Betts asked is that what they wanted?Is there a reason why you canít get that copy from Cannon Falls city hall?


Joyce stated to Heather and Kendra that this had nothing to do with their project, it only pertained to annexation .


Kendra said she will contact the city and get a copy from them.


Joyce reiterated; those questions only pertained to annexation and there was no mention of anything else.


Joe asked if he could come forward and speak again.


Bob said yes.


Heather requested that the board send a letter to the entities that were contacted saying that the board was not taking that action.


Joyce replied that that was going beyond what our abilities to do are, they were not involved with that, and that Joe had a right to say we have ordinances and a land use plan and these things being proposed donít fit.


Joe said if it will help ease the situation he will say there was no malicious intent and he apologizes if Heather interpreted it that way.Joe said that Kathy Miller told him that Heather had an expert fill out the grant and the City of Cannon Falls signed it.He wanted to know who filled out the grant.


Heather said the City of Cannon Falls


Joe asked why would they lie to him.Why would Kathleen Miller tell him that Heather had a representative fill out the grant form.


Kendra said to answer that,the information in there comes from The Falls LLC, so our developer did have some input to the application, but they themselves could not submit the application.


Joe pointed out that the application said ďthis is a PUDĒ, it was very specific.But it isnít.

Joe said he could write a letter stating he may have over stepped his authority and to ask the letter recipients to accept his letter as a concerned citizen instead.He could write that if that would appease them.


Heather said she would appreciate that.


Joe said you do have my apology and that he was not being malicious.


Heather added that the City of Cannon Falls did pass a resolution to apply for that grant.That is in their minutes.


Dave called Joe back into the meeting.


Joe returned to the supervisors


Mark Dubbles spoke, stating that he, as the Planning Commission vice-chair, was concerned that the Stanton Township was being represented, unbeknownst to them, that a PUD was being allowed on the property.His concern was that this application had been filled out stating yes, this is a Planned Unit Development already in place in Stanton Township. This point is a hotbed for conversation.


Bob agreed that he had read the same thing.


Dave said to Joe trying to resolve the issue with the letters you wrote on behalf of the Planning Commission, will you respond to that?


Joe said he would respond to the 1 letter and 2 emails but he would not respond to the city of Cannon Falls because that is simply signed with his name only.


Dave said he would like it if he did that and got a copy to the clerk, that would satisfy him.This is our recourse to get out from the legalese, that you have dragged the township into some legal channels where we donít want to go.He was very concerned about protecting the township.


Joyce stated that she had entered the letter she received from Heather Sharp and she would like the clerk to contact the attorney and have him view the minutes from this meeting, just for his opinion.Also a cover letter to have him give an opinion on the letter from Heather Sharp.


Joyce Moorhouse made a motion to have the clerk contact our attorney

Dave Garner seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Note: Letters- see attached exhibit A, B, C and D


Bob called for any other new business


Mileage Rate Increase

Joyce spoke of the new mileage rate of48.5 cents, effective January 1, 2007

Dave Garner made a motion to accept the new mileage rate of 48.5 cents per mile

Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Ken spoke of money transfer for claims.


Joyce asked what fund did he recommend


Ken said we could use the General Fund or the Road and Bridge Fund.


Discussion ensued about the transfer of funds.


Joyce Moorhouse made a motion to transfer funds of $30,000.00 from the Road and Bridge fund to the Building Fund.To be reimbursed as the board sees fit.

Dave Garner seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Steve Norstad came forward.


Bob asked how the new town hall was going.


Steve said good.By the end of next week it (the town hall) may be done.


Bob said he had the box and would bring it up to the new town hall next week.


Joyce asked Steve if the clerk was OK in posting two weeks notice that the next board meeting would be in the new town hall.


Steve said it wouldnít be a problem. He said he would notify us of the final inspection date and time.Possibly the 2nd of December.


Joyce wanted it recorded that she did attend the Cannon Valley Rural Fire Association meeting, it was well attended with 18 people present.She did offer our new town hall for the next meeting for November of 2007.We have one more year in our agreement with Cannon Falls Fire Department, and then in 2008 they will be negotiating their next cost.


Upcoming Meetings:


None were reported.


Bob asked if there was any other business before we continue

None was heard


Bob called for mail to be distributed


Betts reported receiving a letter from the city of Cannon Falls canceling the meeting for November 9th.A special assessment sheet/inquiry was received but she wasnít sure what to do with it.


Dave said we did not have any special assessments at this time.


Betts continued with a letter from ESS regarding getting information from the county by certain dates in the future and a penalty or fee that will be charged.Lastly was a Technology Exchange newsletter which was mostly about paving, bridges and culverts.


Joyce Moorhouse made a motion to pay claims

Dave Garner seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Ken announced claims total was $ 124,780.75, plus payroll.


Claims were paid.


Dave Garner made a motion to adjourn

Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Meeting adjourned at 10:13 PM