Chairman David Garner called the meeting to order.  Others present included Supervisor Robert Benson, Clerk Colleen Thompson, and Treasurer Kenneth Ebert.  Also in attendance were Planning Commission members Paul Schluter, Joe Vandenheuvel, Joyce Moorhouse and John Miller


Planner, Dean Johnson, Resource Strategies presented the Stanton Township 2006 Comprehensive Plan Working Draft for review.


It was determined that based on State estimates of 188 new homes in the next 30 years, we do not presently have areas available for the estimated pace of growth and can not meet the forecast without changes in future land use designations to allow additional residential growth.


Mr. Johnson stated the Board could talk with the County about potential changes in zoning and land use for areas for growth within the township stating Stanton has several good areas for growth, those being the Stanton town center and the shore land area.  He stated our proximity to highway 52 gives the township growth potential.


Mr. Johnson stated the majority of the Township and Goodhue County is agricultural in nature.


Mr. Johnson reviewed agricultural land use classifications in the draft plan stating they are different than what we now have. He stated that Goodhue County currently has A-1 Agriculture Protection and A-2 Agricultural zones for long-term agricultural preservation.  Another agricultural category the County has is classified as A-3 Urban Fringe that regulates land use adjacent to cities.  He stated all three zones exist in Stanton Township. The A-1 zone allows four homes per section and compares to the Township’s current Agricultural Preservation allowing the same.  The County’s A-2 Agricultural District limits densities of twelve homes per section.  This compares to our Agriculture Zone with the same density.  The County’s A-3 Urban Fringe District allows residential development on a minimum lot size of 35-acres.  Mr. Johnson stated in this draft plan this is called Agricultural Transition and follows the minimum lot size of 35-acres for residential development.  He stated the Board can name the zoning district what they want but his recommendation is to call it Agricultural Transition and NOT to use the words suburban or urban in any classification. 


In addressing rural residential land use, Mr. Johnson stated the County has this use classified as R-1 Suburban Residence District and allows single family homes on 20,000 square feet lot sizes.  Stanton Township has existing residential subdivisions near Cannon Falls, Lake Byllesby and in the Stanton Town Center.  He stated these areas are called Rural Residential in the current comprehensive plan.  Mr. Johnson suggested no land use classification but explained they would be shown as separate zoning districts in the Zoning Ordinance and Zoning map.  He stated any new Rural Residential areas in Stanton Township would be limited to a maximum density of eight homes per quarter-

SPECIAL TOWN BOARD MEETING (February 21, 2006 cont.)


quarter section and would require a minimum lot size of one acre and would require the County have the same land use and zoning designation.  He suggested the Town Board could work with the County by setting up meetings with the County asking them to consider allowing cluster development or other clustering and additional Rural Residential land use designations in the Township.


Dave asked Mr. Johnson if he had looked at our clustering proposal.


Mr. Johnson stated that County PUD and clustering is in underlying zoning, density is based on underlying zoning.  He stated the only way to increase density is thru a change of zoning.  He stated to address a PUD or cluster development request, it is the Township’s responsibility to go to the County and initiate discussions in amending the zoning document.


It was stated that outside the metro area, the Ordinance not Land Use Plan dictates use.


Dave Garner asked for any questions.


Mr. Vince Cockriel asked how the Township could up-date an Ordinance without a moratorium in place.  He also wanted a copy of our Comprehensive Plan Draft.


Mr. Johnson stated that some towns do initiate a moratorium but it is not necessary or mandatory to do so.


Dave explained the document the Board just reviewed is a working draft and it probably would not be made ready for review until just before the next public hearing.


Dave made a motion, seconded by Bob to adjourn.  Carried